National Parks

Sirinat National Park was formerly known as Nai Yang National Park.  It is the marine national park in the northwest part of Amphur Talang, Phuket. The purposes of this national park are to promote as a tourist attraction and to reserve natural resources which are coniferous forests, coral reefs, beaches as places for sea turtles to lay their eggs, mole crabs, and seashells.

The 13-kilometer coastline of the national park covers many beautiful beaches with white sand.There are sparse forests, evergreen forests, mangrove forests, wildlife, marine life in the national park that is a good and interesting place to learn about plants and animals.

Interesting Attractions
– Hat Nai Thon : a peaceful beach divided into two beaches : Hat Nai Thon Yai and Hat Nai Thon Noi.  It is a beautiful inlet beach suitable for relaxation and swimming.
– Hat Nai Yang : a beach where the national park office is located.  It is covered by shades of coniferous trees, and there is a large beautiful coral reef appropriate for snorkeling.  Visitors may have a chance to see sea turtles laying eggs on the beach. Visitor can have an online reservation for rooms or lodges at or by direct call +66 2 562 0760
– Hat Mai Khao : it is a beach near Phuket Airport, so it is sometimes called Hat Sanambin.  It is one of the wonderful beaches in Phuket where visitors can see mole crabs and sea turtles.  It is the longest beach with a cluster of luxury resorts and villas and is claimed as one of beautiful sunset viewing sites in Phuket.
–  Hat Sai Kaeo : a beach located in the north of Phuket lying along pine trees lines to Sarasin Bridge.  It is a popular site for tourist to sunbathe and have seafood cuisine from well-known restaurant in Phuket town.

The rates for visiting a national park in Thailand are 200 baht for foreign adults, 100 baht for foreign kids. Thai adults 20 baht and Thai kids 10 baht.

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