Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town

Phuket is also considered to be one of the most historic and prosperous cities in Thailand. The prosperity of Phuket. Former Sino-Portuguese building was first built in 1903 due to mining. Growing minerals make the Chinese. And westerners Many of them poured into Phuket. When entering the municipality The first thing visitors will notice is the old building. The tower is located in the district. Old Town It is a Sino Portuguese style building .The combination of western and eastern art. Together with each other. The unique identity of the city of Phuket. These old buildings are scattered all over Phuket Town, and there are many delicious restaurants to eat. Phuket Municipality also sees the importance of these architectures. The Sino Portuguese architecture has been preserved. And it is another option. Of tourism Provides walking trails to Old Phuket Town. For tourists. Experience the beauty of the houses of old Phuket and architecture Sino-Portuguese beautiful, with the culture and way of living of the people of Phuket and the food delicious famed walk the old town charm of chips. Nova is a historic route worth studying.

Thalang Road and Soi Rommanee

It is a historic street. At this time, there will be old buildings in the old style, many groups together as well as shops. The restaurant starts from the intersection of Thalang Road and Phuket Road to the intersection with Yaowarat Road. There are more than 151 commercial buildings. Window arched in Neo-classical architecture. The pattern is beautiful, emphasizing the nature of the vine, leaves and animal shapes. The old wooden paneling span is as wide as the two buildings combined. The art of window punching and stucco art deco pattern used in harmony and beautiful. Many buildings have been repainted, but they remain the same. There is also a ramp. The small road between Thalang Road has many colorful buildings, pink, yellow, blue is another route that tourists should not miss.

Yaowarat Road intersects with Tin Rd.

The beginning of the separation from the road to the sand dunes. Walk along Dafuk road until the intersection with Yaowarat Road. Turn right into Chinatown. To experience Have a look at the old buildings and taste the delicious food in the dedication. Then back to the intersection, turn to Tin Rd. Walking through the city during this time will experience a variety. The Sino Portuguese building is difficult to find. At home. It is home to the striking stucco. Composite Column And the beam over the pole. Greek art Classic Mix The stucco pattern of the swan pattern clouds, as well as leaf and fruit, which is a sacred symbol of the Chinese.

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