Wat Chalong

Chalong Temple or Wat Chai Tharam Ram It is a religious place in Phuket. The package is included in Phuket city Day trip program. The temple has a long history. And the most beautiful in Phuket. The temple is located 8 kilometers from Phuket Town and 3 kilometers from Chalong Bay. This temple is famous for its holiness, Luang Por Cham, the former abbot of Chalong Temple. Not only the Phuket people respect and respect the sanctity of Luang Por Cham. The reputation of Luang Por Cham further to neighboring countries like Malaysia, Penang.

History of Luang Por Chum and Sacred

Luang Por Cham was born in 2370. In the reign of King Rama III, he was ordained as a novice monk and learned to study the vipassana from his father. Luang Por Cham’s holiness was born in Phuket when many of the Chinese people came to mining. And the Chinese have gathered together. To seize and rule Phuket. Have been hurt Kill the villagers Fatalities are numerous. The villagers fled into the forest. And part of them fled to live at Chalong Temple.

The villagers asked Luang Por Cham to make amulets for morale. Luang Por Chao made a cloth to give each other a head. The villagers have fought with the villagers. I can not do anything about the villagers. This is the first victory of the villagers. The villagers are honored in the holiness and glory of Luang Por Cham. Later, the villagers gathered together to fight with each other until victory.

The honor of Luang Por Cham occurred several times. The reputation of Luang Por Cham to go far. There are a lot of people. Some people just flirted in strange ways. Like gold on the body of Luang Por Cham.

History of Chalong Temple

An old temple No exact record of what was created. It was recorded in the reign of King Rama III was originally called “Wat Chalong” King Chulalongkorn. He changed the name to “Wat Chai Tharam Ram”, but the villagers still call it Temple Chalong. The name is simpler and shorter

Address: 70 Baan Chalong, Chaofa Road, Moo 6, Chalong, Phuket Town. Phuket province

Opening Hours: Open daily from 07:00 to 17:00.

Tel: 0 7638 1226

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