Join the 6th Global ReformBnB General Assembly in Washington D.C.

Join the 6th Global ReformBnB General Assembly in Washington D.C. - TRAVELINDEX - TOP25HOTELS.comNew York, NY, United States, October 18, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) in partnership with the Global ReformBnB Forum extends a warm invitation to hospitality industry public affairs professionals for the 6th Global ReformBnB General Assembly in Washington D.C, November 15-17th.

Today, our world presents new challenges for hoteliers and the wider tourism industry, more than we’ve seen in decades. Amidst buzzwords like “polycrisis,” “simultaneity,” and “de-globalization,” our sector grapples with unique challenges; the growing dominance of OTAs, the largely unchecked landscape of short-term rentals, the rapid expansion of the tourism sector and the pressure it puts on host communities, and the challenge of re-designing hospitality on a sustainable footing.

Public advocates are, in many ways, the interface between the hotel industry and the world, and our role extends beyond mere observation of its challenges. We strategize, find innovative solutions, and advocate for favorable governmental policies – or, at the very least, ones that won’t hinder our progress.

In doing this, global collaboration is a great help, giving us the opportunity to share knowledge, insights, and best practices. To benefit from this, we have organized an international conference for hotel industry advocates.

Our line-up of esteemed speakers includes Terrell McSweeny, former head of the Federal Trade Commissioner; Amanda Hite, CEO of STR; Tom Copley, Deputy Mayor of London, and more. They will enrich our program with their expertise, interspersed with networking opportunities, a dinner, and engaging activities.

We will be delighted to see you there and invite you to register online.

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